Winter Solstice Festival, known as Dōng Zhì (冬至) in Mandarin.

In traditional chinese custom, Dōng Zhì was a day of rest,
a time when the crops had been harvested, and families gathered
together to celebrate the end of growing season.
Dōng Zhì signigfies the shortest day and longest night of the year.

On the day of Dōng Zhì which us today,
the chinese will make the traditional food which is
Tāng Yuán (
汤圆) or Kuih Ee,
which is sweet soup with glutinous rice balls.
It signigies the arrival of winter and after eating it
we become one year older.

(This is Red bean Tāng Yuán)
Besides, eating is symbolic of family unity and harmony as well
the round shaped rice ball represent togetherness
and completeness of the family.

(This is plain colorful Tāng Yuán)

** This photos is from "turtle" while the infomation here is from the Internet.

Visit Nikel Khor's blog for the post too.

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Nikel Khor said...

nice nice sharing...ur tangyuan look not bad wat..hehe

c0co said...

now i kno wat to call dong zhi in eng XD...btw nice colourful tong yuen XD~*

bobhandburry said...

great info. thanks a lot


Wen Pink said...

Happy Dong Zi festival!! :) And Merry Xmas n Happy New Year!! :D hehehe!

Jiya said...

cbox rosak... hihihi! klik dell...

xIan_23x said...

woo wooo
se ve medio raro xDD
aunq a mi me encanta la comida dulce xDD
creo que yo si la disfrutaria xDD


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