Campfire that I attended last Sat night(19/12)

Last Saturday (19/12) is my most most most miserable and unlucky day.. Because of what? Just read my post before with entitle 19/12/2009 Bad Day!! and you'll know why! Hope it won't happen anymore in my life!

But beside this,
I want to wish my uni friend, Sifu (Carene Cheang), Happy Belated Birthday!! If you're reading this, remember to find me to get your present... If not, than just forget it hiak hiak hiak XD

One more, that (19/12) night I attended scout campfire 【荒野寻觅】 which organized by Hua Zhong华中 that located at Batu Pahat, thanks to my friend Jun Ren from Rover A Seremban who invited me to go. This had open my eyes how's the campfire in West Malaysia and the difference with Kuching. For your information, this is my 1st scout activity that I join since I came to West Malaysia after 6months in furthering my study, so at least there is something good happen on 19/12 which is I JOINED CAMPFIRE! Yeah, thanks Him for the bless =]]]

Here are the some of photo
that I manage to take with my handphone C902 babe,

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bobhandburry said...

great experience... great sharing


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