I join Chitika ads!

Notice it? the right side which got ads that will scrolling down..
That is my new ads besides Nuffnang =]]
Giving it a try for one month and see how's the result for me hehe

Get Chitika  Premium

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Kelvin said...

Is the payout good?
Do we need any requirement to register?

Maxloon120 said...

Sorry but I don't really how good is it.. as me myself haven't get any earning through Chitika. But from what I see, it is good because it can be use together with google ads, and the requirement is not that strict too. From what you can see in my right side, that's the adv of Chitika. Besides this, It provide other kind of ads which is more variable. For the payment, I not really sure for is it count... but it can be pay either through cheque or paypal, just like google ads!

Hopefully, this can help you.. =]]

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