The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Oh man.. This movie will be release soon =.=

I can imagine..after the girls know about it,

(Karen, Ling chien, Sifu …) and others

surely they will talk crap or crazy about it..

expecialy about how handsome is the hero.

Made me think, you like the movie is because of?

the story?or….. the hero?Hahah….

Oh no! Hopefully the girls won’t kill me when they see this post ^^

For more information regarding what this movie is about,

Don't mind visiting my sis's blog.. THRouGH THiCK & THiN
Because she has a blog about it which includes some details too..
or Twilight Malaysia | Where Malaysians talk Twilight.

*The Twilight Saga: New Moon
will be released in Malaysia on the 26th November
and in Singapore on 3rd December 2009.
For the source, click on me! ^^

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