Yeah, I'm back to the track.

Since the quarrel, i just deleted the blog with anger inside me
But now I'm back to the track because chien ask me I got blog or not
I'm thinking, should I go back to bloging?
Because I'm a person that like to stay infront comp for hours
and reading others blog
Plus .... I should let u all know what happen at me here right :D

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SHELYN 嘉嘉 said...

yup2...u'r rite...blogging could somehow fills ur leisure n 4 sure u could share ur life n feelings with nei...keep it up...XD

Maxloon120 said...

Thanks sis, looking forward to meet u tonight hehe..

lingchien said...

oh yaya... haha... great that u have blog...
if not really lost contact... =)

Maxloon120 said...

Sis ling chien, hehe we still can keep in contact through hp right :D

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