Haiz ..
Can't online because of Perwira's CC is "BANJIR"
Person in charge said it need
three weeks to than can reopen.
By the way.. Today i sleep quite late and
did little bit of revision on
Principle of Management subject.
Good thing is
receive a message from bro Sunny,
he ask us to have lunch together
June,Ben,Siew Chen and me.
He pick us and we went to 168,
at there we meet with
Kelvin and Alex.
I ate bittergourd and chicken..
and drank barley, cost me RM3.50
after that, we went to their house
and play guitar or should I said learn
But I didn't manage to learn it
and borrow laptop from alex
to blog this post..
Perhaps after this we will
go for badminton and continue
on studying...
Left two days to go before start our busy days.

For friends out there,reminder:
24/8- Quiz of Management Chapter 5
27/9- Mathematic Test 1
28/9- Interview Phase ll for SIFE

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lingchien said...

jiayou in ur test o...
me also having test tomorow...
gambateh!!! =)

Maxloon120 said...

Sis, thanks. Really appreciate it^^

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