THICKEST assignments(For now) that I ever do within this 4 months at UTHM?

It’s true! For me…
You can imagine how “short” we took to finish it.
We had changed our lecturer for 2 times,
Without a clear information what we need to do!
We been told of this and that, things that need to be do.
Within last few weeks,
Which we sacrifice our holidays
of Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Deepavali.
To do the community project and interviews, presentations.
For? UMA 1142, Moral Studies subject =.=
Lastly these reports and thesis..

The reports of individual assignment a + b and THESIS =.=

The thickness of these books is around 8.3cm ....


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lingchien said...

me too!!! i dont like moral =.=

SHeLYN said...

haha...we did de cover all in all rm60(din include print lagi)...haha...pokkai ord...nvm...we learn more frm hr...
gambate kudasai...(^^.)

Maxloon120 said...

To Ling Chien,
Hahah.. at least at FTMS you no need to take it anymore, right?

Ours, the cover is RM30, incuding the photostep which is RM40, will be RM70. (This is just for thesis).
For the another two reports, the photostep and binding cost RM70.
In total is RM140 =.="

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